Halter top

featured scarf: Hermès Courbettes & Cabrioles

Place your scarf (a 90 Carré) face down on a flat surface, gather a bit of silk where indicated,

and make a simple knot..

as small and tight and possible, like in the pic below.

Now place your scarf in front of your body, the knot facing inwards. Take the upper ends and secure behind your neck with a small double knot.

Take the lower ends and tie them behind your back with a small double knot.


Tip: Instead of making a knot in step one, you could also use a scarf ring (petite size) to gather the silk
Pinch some fabric..

and feed through one end of the ring

pull to gather more fabric

then feed through the other end and tighten

A tight and secure fit is important, if the outcome is loose, go back to step three and pull more fabric through