Collier knot

The Collier knot is perfect for hot summer days and warm and humid climates, as the scarf barely touches the skin, and the neck is left free of fabric.

The scarf ends get attached to the shoulder straps of a sleeveless dress or top,
70 Carré Coaching

while the rest stays on top of the clothing,

leaving the back of the neck cool and free


Beginn with the basic bias fold, then proceed as follows:

Place a scarf ring on the shoulder strap of your dress or top, and feed one scarf end
through the ring, coming from below

pull the scarf about 15 to 20 cm through

bring the end under the shoulder strap

and take it back through the scarf ring, this time coming from above

pull the end upwards to tighten the knot. You can keep one finger on the scarf ring, to hold it in place until the knot is tight

tighten further

Make a single knot into the center of the scarf, and proceed the same way as above with the other shoulder strap

Scarf rings give this a neat and finished look, but you can also secure the scarf to the top with a small double knot.

On cooler days, one can wear the scarf closer to the neck, and tie both ends into a small double knot behind the neck. For more variations, one can make the basic bias fold narrower or wider, or pull the knot in the middle tighter or looser. Or, try shorter or longer ends, depending on the neckline of your top/dress.

Capsule pieces: little black dress
Accessoires: Modulation 70 Carré and Garden Party bag
Scarf rings: 2x petite

Scarf ring sizing info:

for Twillys - Petite
for 70 Carrés - Petite
for 90 Carrés - Petite and Moyenne

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